So - how can you get all this power from the pure natural ingredients in TestoGen?

Here’s the science bit.

Testo is the most important male hormone. It’s what makes a man, a man. This starts before birth, which peaks with puberty, and then declines considerably with age.

Here is how t-levels change as you age:



The natural ingredients in TestoGen have been thoroughly tested so they are safe to use.

Go for the natural way to boost t-levels. The unique combination of eleven ingredients in TestoGen work to boost strength and stamina. Eleven safe, active ingredients (and nothing else that we haven’t mentioned) with the power to sharpen mind and body so you can take anything on, any time.


We’ve improved TestoGen so you can be confident you are getting the most up-to-date, researched formula that uses the most effective ingredients at optimum amounts to give outstanding results.

We’ve added FIVE powerful new ingredients, INCREASED the amount of two key ingredients, and included a BETTER, more absorbable form of two ingredients.



Testo boosters in the form of LOTS of great, natural ingredients are in TestoGen, in just the right amounts to do the job properly. Take a look at these:


Is derived from black pepper and significantly increases the bioavailability of all the other ingredients in TestoGen. This means that more of the active ingredients are absorbed by your body, which makes them more effective. In other words, including Bioperine in the TestoGen formula means you get better results.


Is a really effective testo booster and well-known aphrodisiac; zinc is a major component of oysters. It’s also essential for keeping your sperm healthy and responsible for a whole lot of bodily functions working properly. You can lose zinc through sweat so it’s vital to keep your levels topped up if you are into fitness – or any other activity that makes you sweat!


Is needed by the body for over 100 different functions, so it plays a crucial role in your overall health. B vitamins are also vital for the testo production process, and studies have shown that vitamin B deficiency is linked to lower t-levels and increased estrogen levels, as well as having an impact on overall energy levels. The vitamin B6 in TestoGen will help you combat tiredness and irritability as well as help your body produce more testo.


Is taken from the root of the plant and is a well-known aphrodisiac giving it the alternative name of “man root”. In TestoGen it gives you a strong feel-good factor to sharpen you both physically and mentally, making you ready to tackle anything!


Is a herb with testo-boosting seeds. Fenugreek is a safe, natural way to increase your strength, stamina and vitality. Fenugreek also has powerful antioxidant properties to ensure those harmful free radicals are kept at bay so your body can work efficiently.


Is an amino acid regulator which helps to produce hormones, including luteinizing hormone. This stimulates the production of testo and in turn, helps in the production of lean muscle and an overall increase in strength and stamina! Research suggests that D-aspartic could enhance testo production by over 45% in a matter of weeks – and TestoGen has more of it per serving than any other product on the market.


Helps keep your bones strong and healthy, but the main reason we’ve included this important vitamin is because it helps your body absorb the vitamin D that’s also in the TestoGen formula more efficiently, increasing the testo-boosting benefits you’ll get from the vitamin D!


You’ll know it by the name stinging nettle but did you know it can help boost your t-levels? Testo likes to bind itself to a protein called SHGB. But when it’s attached to protein, testo isn’t very useful. Research suggests that nettle leaf also binds to SHBG, leaving your testo free to circulate your bloodstream and do much more useful things like build muscle.


Is a trace mineral found in the earth’s soil and certain fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that even a small amount of boron is enough to significantly increase t-levels. One study found that men who took 10mg of boron per week showed a 28% increase in free testo and a decrease in estrogen levels. In another study, male bodybuilders taking a daily boron supplement for seven weeks showed a significant increase in t-levels compared to those taking a placebo.


Studies have shown that men with sufficient vitamin D levels have significantly higher t-levels than those with low vitamin D levels. Which means increasing your vitamin D intake can have a very positive effect on your t-levels. TestoGen uses vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, which can lift your free testo level (testo that is not attached to protein, so it’s floating around in your bloodstream) as well as slow down the rate of testo converting into oestrogen. It’s a win-win situation. What’s more, vitamin D works even better when taken with magnesium, boron and vitamin K, which of course, are all included in the TestoGen formula too.


Is an essential nutrient that plays an important role in testo production. One study found that men taking 750mg of magnesium per day for four weeks showed a 26% increase in t-levels. Magnesium also helps promote quality sleep, which is vital for good testo production. Research shows that most adults don’t consume enough magnesium, so we’ve added a generous dose of to every TestoGen serving to ensure you get more than enough of it.


There has been plenty of clinical research relating to testo boosters over the years so you can be confident about getting good results. Check out this small sample of clinical studies:


  • 1) Many studies have demonstrated a strong link between Vitamin D levels and t-levels. In one German study, a group of overweight men were put on a 12 month long weight loss program. They were divided into two groups. The first group received a placebo supplement and the second group was given vitamin D3 supplements. Not only did the men taking vitamin D lose on average 6 kilograms of weight, but they also showed a significant increase in t-levels; up to 25 per cent on average. Another study compared the vitamin D and t-levels of 652 Korean men over the age of 40 and found that those with a vitamin D deficiency were 2.65 times more likely to also have a testo deficiency.
  • 2) Fenugreek – a study led by Australian scientist Elizabeth Steels in 2011 stated that fenugreek: “may assist to maintain normal healthy t-levels”.
  • 3) D-Aspartic acid was shown to boost testo in a study carried out by a team of Italian scientists in 2009 who concluded that “D-aspartic acid is a physiological amino acid occurring principally in the pituitary gland and testes and has a role in the regulation of the release and synthesis of LH and testo in humans …”
  • 4) American scientist Luke Bucci found that “controlled studies of Asian ginsengs found improvements in exercise performance … improvements in muscular strength, maximal oxygen uptake, work capacity, fuel homeostasis, serum lactate, heart rate, visual and auditory reaction times, alertness, and psychomotor skills have also been repeatedly documented”.



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